Sport Management Education

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Sport management is a field of education concerning the professional, athletic, educational, and recreational sport. Some examples of sport managers include managers who are active in areas such as sport clubs, college sport, leisure, sport marketing, sport communication, sport event, sport facility, sport economic, sport finance and sport information. Indeed, sport phenomenon provides numerous entertainment and business opportunities in the world, therefore, sport managers have an important role in the peaceful coexistence of players, fans and coaches. Sport management is a broad and knowledge-based field, and sport managers should be able to recognize and apply this knowledge efficiently. For this purpose and the training of specialized sport managers, “sport management education” was considered. This book is going to provide guidelines about sport management education for those who are engaged in this area.

Hamid Ghasemi (PhD), Associate Professor at Payame Noor University

Leonardo José Mataruna-Dos-Santos (PhD), Associate Professor at Canadian University of Dubai

Akbar Jaberi (PhD), Assistant professor at Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

Nazanin Rasekh (PhD), Assistant Professor at Sports Science Research Institute

Leila Izadparast (PhD), Sport Management Researcher

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